"Art is never finished only abandoned" – Leonardo da Vinci

Every human being is creative; the only difference is in the form and way it is being expressed.

'Creative Chest' is a space created to hold your creative expressions. This page, it is hoped, will take you from the buzz of your everyday life. The idea of 'Creative Chest' is to give you some time away from the pain, despair or overwhelm you may experience as you care for your near and dear ones in hospital.

'Creative Chest' invites you to express yourself in the most creative way you can! Break out of all conventions and established rules… look at things in a different way. Use your imagination and improvise!

Pour your feelings, thoughts and insights out into your stories, poems, anecdotes, paintings! What touched you? What bothered you? What changed you? What did you learn?

Create with your heart…build with your mind…let your creativity bloom!

'Creative Chest' awaits you…

The Digital E- Journal of Chest - Volume 1

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